In the open sea, on an island, deep in the forest or in the middle of a country village, you won’t lack anything to photograph during your travels. So take the time to enjoy the moment and capture life and great scenery.

Update your travel catalogue with these unusual places while living your passion for photography. Be the one who will have given the desire to travel to others, thanks to unique photos. Visit My Social Book and discover new ways to capture and print your lifetime moments.

Aim your lens at the sky and immortalize this fascinating spectacle that nature offers you: the Northern Lights. The tones and shades of colour and the depth of light of each aurora borealis make every moment unique.

Since winter light does not shine brightly enough, good photographic techniques are required to capture these scenes. If necessary, learn how to play with light during a photo workshop before you go on a trip.

A mountain range surrounded by greenery and multicoloured flowers, next to an azure-blue lake… One often tends to consider only the flora of the grandiose landscapes, while the fauna also has its own particular charm.

Pictures of endemic species of certain countries sometimes require going out at night to observe a very specific animal. Too adventurous? But you will have obtained a unique photo, which may be worth much more than the landscape you photographed during the day.

The easiest solution to make a success of your photos during your trip, is taking a photo workshop.

Travel the world differently as a photo traveler and create a unique travel story with stunning photos.

Participate or organize a workshop to expose your travel catalogue to people who will appreciate your photos.

Unable to travel without a camera? Become a traveling photographer and live your passion.

The landscape of each country is unique. If the mountains of Greece inspire majesty, those of China inspire fantasy and dreams.

As many animal species tend to disappear, don’t hesitate to immortalize the wildlife of all the countries you visit.

Take your lens away from the landscape and capture social life. Portray the locals and fill your story with their smiles.

Meet more people, cover events or report the news… do whatever it takes to make your trip a unique experience.

At the ideal moment, with the right angle and precise atmospheric parameters, a photo will be more beautiful than the landscape itself.

The sharpness of a picture depends on its light exposure. Don’t hesitate to play with light until you are satisfied before taking a picture.

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