Nowadays, with the technological advance, it is possible to take or make excellent photos and videos with ease. The Gopro, a small camera that can be carried in a pocket, was launched in 2004. At the beginning, it was specially designed for making videos of extreme sports, mechanical or aquatic, and now it has a major role in taking beautiful pictures. This camera makes it possible to immortalize the best moments in photos and/or videos. But how can you take successful travel photos with a Gopro?


The burst mode built into the Gopro cameras allows you to take several pictures at once, of an action or a fast movement, during a given period of time. This way of taking original pictures means that you don’t miss a thing, and then select the most perfect and impressive image in a short time. Once the shutter release button is pressed, the settings that the camera can offer are usually as follows: 30 shots taken in 1, 2, 3 or 6 seconds, 10 shots in 1, 2, or 6 seconds, 5 shots in 1 second or 3 shots in 1 second. But these settings depend on the camera, some can capture 60 frames in 10 or 6 seconds and others can record up to 240 frames per second (for the best performers).


This mode also ensures that you will have beautiful travel photos with a Gopro. Time-lapse is a succession of a large number of photos taken at a regular time interval to form a video. Its use allows you to have a perfectly stable camera and therefore not to have blurred images. The camera is capable of taking pictures automatically and its setting depends on what you want to capture: 1 second for fast movements, 1 to 5 seconds for slower actions, 10 to 15 seconds for slow movements and 30 to 60 seconds for very slow movements. At the end, you get several images to select according to your wishes.


To enhance the images and to make capturing the shots even easier, accessories are indispensable. The harness allows the attachment of any Gopro camera model to the torso. It provides hands-free operation, less vibration for extreme sports enthusiasts and stability on any surface thanks to its feet. The tripod for Gopro is also a camera mounting system measuring 210 mm long, 50 mm wide, 155 mm high and weighing 105 g. It is compatible with all Gopro cameras. The 3 Ways pole is an ultra versatile mount with three ways of use: a tripod, a camera handle and an articulated arm with an adjustable extension up to 52 cm and allowing a larger field of view.

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