You have never ordered thematic photo books from before? Here is a simple procedure to guide you through the process. Creating a personalised photo book may sound ambitious, but it's actually as simple as that. To help you in your creative process, get inspiration from themed photo books. We'll leave the fun part to you - choosing which photos you'd like to see in the album - and defining their placement yourself, and have made it as simple as possible. Choose from a wide range of theme books to customise to your taste. To save time, use the layout templates and relive your best memories at your leisure by adding your favourite photos. A photo book is a great gift idea for your family or friends and we have a wide selection of templates to choose from. Whether you want to create a funny baby photo book, a stylish book with your wedding photos or a modern photo book with photos from your last trip, you'll find what you're looking for. Check out our themed photo book templates and express your creativity with ease.

Step 1 Choose the design and format of your creative photo book

Visit our thematic photo book page. Here you can choose from our most popular models or browse by theme, including yearbook, wedding, baby and travel. Click on the design you want to customise and then select the format. Most of our theme books range from medium to extra-large. Here's a list of our themed photo book sizes to help you find the format that's right for you. - M 20 x 15 cm - L 28 x 21 cm - XL 39 x 29 cm When you are satisfied with the format and style of your book, click on "Choose this theme" to access our creation tool.

Step 2 Sort your photos in order and by theme

To facilitate the creation of your photo book, make sure your photos are in order before you start customising. If you are creating a photo book from your past year, put your image files away and make sure they are in chronological order. When creating a wedding album or baby book, group all the photos you need by theme. We have a few tips to help you upload, scan and sort your photos if they're a bit scattered.

Step 3 Import your photos

When your images are in order and you are ready to start working on your photo book, go back to our creation tool and click on "upload photos". Click on the file you need, highlight all the images you want to use, then click "open". Once you have uploaded your photos, you will see them at the bottom left of your book, next to our editing tools. Because our themed photo books come with suggested image layouts, all you have to do is drag the image you want and drop it into one of the empty boxes. The size of the image will be adjusted to fit the box automatically, but you can resize it manually by clicking on the photo if you wish.

Step 4 Change your backgrounds

If you use the themed photo books as a guide and want to add your own personal touch, you can always edit the backgrounds, just as you can in our blank photo books. You can add a colour or find a motif that matches the style of your theme book.

Step 5 Personalise your photo book with captions

Our thematic layouts also suggest the best places for text on each page, so you can add any captions you wish. Just click anywhere you see "text" or "enter your text" and start typing. If you don't like the position of a text box, you can delete or move it.

Step 6 Be creative with clipart, masks and frames

There are plenty of creative photo book extras you can play with to give your album a personal touch. You can add cliparts, masks and frames. And if you're creating a theme book, such as a baby book or yearbook, you can sort the designs by category to find a suitable style.

Step 7 Add extra pages to your photo book

You can no longer insert other photos in your theme book? You can add as many extra pages as you like! Click on the small "plus" signs in the horizontal bar below the design of your photo book to add pages wherever you want. Don't forget that the extra pages you add are blank. But you can recreate a similar look on these extra pages by choosing cliparts, backgrounds and frames that match your theme.

Step 8 Delete pages you don't need

If you have added too many extra pages, it is easy to remove the ones you don't need. Click on the page you don't want in the horizontal bar below your design. You will then see a small bin icon in the corner. Click on the small icon, and that page will be deleted.

Step 9 Ready to order your themed photo book?

Are you happy with the design of your photo book? Click on "add to basket". Here you can add all the finishing touches, such as glossy pages to bring out the colours of your images or a cover option if you have chosen a linen or faux leather book. You can even order a second book in a smaller format, so you can give one away and keep one for yourself. You are then ready to place your order and have your personalised photo book delivered to your home.

Brilliant tip: save as you go

Don't forget to keep saving your photo book as you go. There is a small "Save" icon in the top left corner, so be sure to click on it regularly while you customise your photo book. Making personalised photo books with our pre-designed designs is easy. So, give it a try and follow these steps to start creating your photo book.

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