Nowadays, there are a lot of photo lenses available in shops. Contrary to what some people think, there is no such thing as a genius lens that does everything very well. You must therefore choose your photo lens according to what you prefer to take a picture with. These few lines explain how to choose your photo lens.

Choosing the focal length

The choice is wide, but the focal lengths can be divided into three parts. The first is the focal lengths of 12 to 35 mm or wide-angle lenses. These focal lengths allow you to take large scenes. There are also focal lengths from 50 to 70 mm or the standard ones. They allow you to take basic lenses that are close to the vision of the human eye. And finally, there are focal lengths over 85 mm or telephoto lenses. These lenses give the emotion of connecting with the subject. So, if you love to take pictures of landscapes, go for a wide-angle lens. If you prefer to shoot portraits, a telephoto lens is best. Standards are a bit of an off-roader that can fit between telephoto and wide-angle lenses.

Choosing a fixed focal length or zoom

After the focal length, the choice must be made between fixed focal length and zoom. To make the best choice, first study the prerogatives of each. The zoom has the advantage of versatility. The zoom can cover several focal lengths. Its lenses range from small to wide angle. Some brands expand the design by offering mega zooms. They offer a single lens for all types of photography. The zoom also allows for flexibility. You can move away from or close to the subject without moving. However, the main advantage of a fixed focal length is its very high brightness thanks to its larger diagram, and its price is generally more affordable than a zoom lens.

It is necessary to have several lenses or a single

You can choose a single versatile lens or multiple lenses to cover a wide range of focal lengths. The advantage of using only one lens is that you don't have to change lenses, regardless of the subject. But with a multi-purpose lens, you still risk losing optical quality. With multiple lenses, you get more quality. Changing lenses is very simple. If you're going on holiday, it's best to use a lightweight lens and you can use a zoom lens when you need it.