A beautiful picture of white cube houses, a beautiful blue sea and winding cobblestone streets so much seen and seen on TV and you know you have to see it in person. The beautiful beaches are certainly the success of the Greek islands summer holidays. Among the 227 inhabited islands of Greece, which one do you choose? The 3 best Greek islands listed below will help you know where to go in Greece.


If you want, travel to the Greek islands, Santorini is a wonderful portal for her. It is probably the most spectacular island of the Greek. It is a volcanic island. Today the volcano is completely inactive, however there are still some volcanic craters on the island. This makes the visit even more interesting. A spectacle that attracts millions of tourists is the cliffs that protrude into the sea. The island is also known for its picturesque villages decorated with small colourful houses. Don’t leave without making a detour to the ancient ruins of Santorini. The beaches are mainly the idyllic tourist attraction of Santorini. You can then create your own social media photo album that will impress everybody. It really is an ideal holiday destination.


Corfu is located in the northwest of Greece. The city is known as Corfu (or peaks) because of its twin hills dominated by a massive fortress. In addition to having beautiful beaches backed by a sandy slope of dunes, Corfu is also a good place to practice wind water sports. Unlike other beaches in Greece, the Greek summer offers a relaxed and lively scene. Ideal for water sports enthusiasts. Beautiful bathing suits, colourful sarongs, tanned bodies and smiling faces. Greece’s beaches always exude a positive atmosphere and contagious vitality, thanks to the young people from all over the world. In addition, Corfu is full of majestic architecture that is a must-see.


Crete is the largest urban centre of the Greek islands. It has superb archaeological sites such as the Minoan palaces as well as natural wonders such as the Samaria gorge, the Balos lagoon and Elafonisi. The island has beautiful beaches, which is a delight for all beach lovers. Cretan beaches can have that little something that distinguishes them from the others. Crete is a great day trip destination, whether you decide to explore a nearby island or the picturesque interior dotted with postcard-worthy villages and natural areas. The CretAquarium is simply a fun and entertaining activity not to be missed by the whole family. The food in Greece is generally good, and Crete is a destination of choice for food lovers. On this island you will discover that Cretan food is as varied and delicious as candy, salty dishes and drinks.

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