It is not always easy to find the right gift to give when you are far away from the recipient. However, it is not difficult to please someone close to you: just find the right ideas... and don't empty your wallet in the process. Here are a few suggestions that might help you out.

A subscription to a box

While box subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular, some are quite original. A particularly original concept: the box received every month that includes delicious seafood products that can be tasted. Thus, websites such as offer spreadable products, soups, seaweed, crackers, fleur de sel and caviar. More surprising: crushed meat, jams, toast, but also wines with iodised notes. The choice of subscription will then depend on your budget. For a unique occasion, you can opt for a single box, accompanied by your menu. If you want to surprise your recipient once a month, you can choose a subscription directly. These little suggestions of ingredients and dishes will inspire seafood lovers. They may also make them want to learn more about the brands they are interested in.

The beauty boxes work too!

The beauty boxes will be more interesting for those who like to test products. This alternative will give the recipient the opportunity to discover new brands. Once again, the choice is very varied: some boxes will specialise in small brand products, while others will only offer references of more well-known brands. Others, again, compose their offers with a combination of the two to offer more choice. The little trick: beauty boxes are no longer just for women! More and more subscriptions offer skin care products for men to discover or rediscover. In these beauty boxes, there are skin care items, perfume samples and sometimes small devices to collect.

Bouquets of sweets and chocolates

The time is long gone when the only bouquets you could offer were made up of flowers. Today, there is no shortage of alternatives! Candy and chocolate bouquets are the most popular. This gift can be ordered directly online, and can be delivered at the date and time of your choice. Some service providers also give you the possibility to personalise a card and choose the sweets you would like to have delivered. Perfect for lovers of sweet pleasures, bouquets of sweets and chocolates are also popular for their originality.

A personalised piece of jewellery

The last alternative is personalised jewellery to be ordered online. Specialised platforms will allow you to choose the type and model of jewellery to be made. You can also choose the image or message to be engraved, and have your order delivered directly to the recipient. Personalised jewellery is a device that will last a long time and that its owner can wear in all circumstances.