What better way to celebrate the New Year than with a photo calendar? It will be an opportunity to make a gift to your loved ones or to yourself. But for best results, make sure you choose the right photos for your photo calendar.

A photo calendar for whom?

Before you choose your photos, you should first decide who you want to use the calendar for. Who do you want it for? A friend, your parents or yourself. Because depending on who you want to send it to, the photos you choose will not be the same. So you'll need to personalise your photo calendar for that person. Heaps of photos of their grandchildren for grandparents; photos of memorable parties for your best friend; photos of your family's big and small events, if this photo calendar is for you. In short, you will adapt the photos you choose to the recipient.

Portraits, but not just portraits...

The calendar is of course the opportunity to showcase the most beautiful portrait photos of your loved ones. To illustrate the month of their birthday, choose the photo of the members of your family to be honoured. To liven up each of the 12 months of the year, remember to alternate individual, family and children's portraits. Don't forget to include a few offbeat portraits of your pets. For an even more professional result, you can also choose a theme for all your photos: all in red or sportswear. In short, it's up to you to be creative! Turn a room in your home sweet home into a photo studio. You can ask a friend to come and shoot the whole family in the decor and theme you have chosen.

Holiday photos to get away from it all

Creating a calendar is also an opportunity to recycle your holiday photos. At the height of winter and in the dreariness of winter, it will be a real pleasure to immerse yourself in the landscapes and holiday atmosphere. So mix up your travel photos: some monuments, some superb landscapes, some street scenes... Don't hesitate to also use the photos taken during the few short, long weekends that you've allowed yourself.

Seasonal photos

When choosing your photos, remember to match them to the month they illustrate. Play with the seasons when choosing your photos. For the winter months, choose photos taken under the snow, and for the summer months, photos of the seaside. In short, match your photos to the month they illustrate.

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