Wellness gift ideas for men

Published on : 05 October 20206 min reading time

When talking about well-being, many people tend to think directly of women. However, men also need to relax, surround themselves with positive energy, meditate, etc. So, for a birthday, Father’s Day, or simply to show your gratitude, it would be interesting to include wellness gifts on the list of original gift ideas to offer your husband, brother, father, friend, colleague, etc.

Even if the beneficiary is not committed to the cause of well-being, a subtle and useful gift could well bring him or her serenity and positivity. Here is our selection of well-being gift ideas for men.

1. Wellness gift for men: the tiger’s eye bracelet

These jewels are made of stones or minerals and offer some protection against negative energies. Both men and women have everything to gain by taking care of their body and mind.

But some men are not willing to sacrifice a few hours for meditation and relaxation sessions. That’s why jewellery is an ingenious way to help them surround themselves with positive energy effortlessly.

For example, just wear a tiger’s eye bracelet or a necklace with a flower of life pendant to enjoy revitalising and protective effects.

The acupressure anti-snoring ring is another fashionable gem for men. It is worn on the little finger and stimulates two acupressure points that act on the respiratory tract and prevent snoring. That said, seen from a certain angle, it may be more of a gift for the snoring woman than for the husband.

2. A self-heating case, an original wellness gift

The hot stone massage is well known in the world of wellness for its many benefits on the nerves. The stones relieve nervous tension and leave the individual in an optimal state of relaxation.

Professionals usually have a complete kit at their disposal, but it is possible to treat yourself to your own massage as soon as the need arises thanks to its easy to carry case. The operation of the case is simple: the case is connected by putting the stones in the centre. The stones heat up after a while and are ready to be placed on the skin.

3. Massage devices for men

Nowadays, there are many unusual, yet practical and above all effective massage devices that offer a certain well-being to those who use them. For example, you can opt for a head massager.

This is an object that stimulates the scalp and relieves tension in the upper part of the body. It is a gift that a man will appreciate in the evening after a stressful day at work.

There are also other devices that work by tapping and gently massage painful muscle areas. Their shape allows them to reach all parts of the body, even those that are difficult to reach, such as the centre of the back.

The massage objects are quite varied and have a variety of uses. You just have to choose the one that you think will be more useful for the man to whom you intend to offer it. A nomadic mini neck massager, for example, may be suitable for someone who often complains of neck pain.

A massage pillow is a great all-rounder and may be suitable for someone who is on the move a lot.

4. Stress balls, an absolute well-being gift

This gift would be perfect for a man who works a lot and is often under pressure. Give him an anti-stress ball or malleable ball, the texture of which allows him to relax and calm down when handled.

Alternatively, you might consider two Chinese metal stress balls, whose noise, when handled, helps to relieve stress. Some versions have a wooden stand on which you can move the balls to hear the magic noise. It is a wellness gift to be carried everywhere, very effective and timely.

5. A box containing massage oils

You can give a man a nice box of different massage oils, each one with a specific purpose and soft scent. Most of the sets contain essential oils for the hydration of the skin, for its protection and regeneration.

They are accompanied by relaxing oils to restore serenity. You can also find harmonising oils to help you find inner peace and calm, oils to help you let go, etc.

The different essences are carefully chosen to have a positive impact on the body, organism and mind. It is therefore an original and above all useful gift for health.

6. A diffuser of essential oils, a well-being gift for serenity

Nowadays, oil diffusers make it possible to enjoy the benefits associated with the plants from which the oils are obtained. This gift can be ideal to help a man create a soft and healthy atmosphere in a room where he spends a lot of time.

The oils will help him to relax his muscles and soothe tension.

7. A set of massage candles

Like oils, some candles are made with fragrances obtained from plants; they allow you to relax while they burn. Others melt, giving way to a wax which is actually a soft and warm massage essential oil to be applied to the body, leaving a real sensation of well-being.

These candles are therefore assembled in a portable box that makes an original and practical wellness gift.

8. A set of herbal teas for the well-being of men

The benefits of phytotherapy are no longer in doubt. We all know that it is enough to choose the right plants to fight against stress, insomnia, fatigue and many other more complex ailments.

By offering a box containing a rigorous selection of teas and herbal teas, you are giving your man the opportunity to relax naturally. All he has to do is choose the right tea bag and that’s it.

9. A wellness gift set for men

It may seem unusual, but men like to be pampered and enjoy relaxing moments. That’s why a gift set with hundreds of treatments for men is certainly an interesting idea.

When the person you offer it to feels under pressure or tired, he can enjoy back modelling, steam bath, facials, massages, etc.

10. A stay in a wine spa: an unusual wellness gift

If your man is a wine lover, he will love this idea. He will be able to try out vinotherapy. This is a treatment carried out using residues from wine-making plants.

He will be able to visit the vineyard, taste the wine, harvest the grapes, understand the different fermentation techniques and, finally, be treated with materials that are beneficial to the skin.

Isn’t this the perfect wellness stay?

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