Which original gift set to offer for Father’s Day?

After Lovers' Day and Grandmothers' Day, we now pay tribute to parents: Mother's Day and Father's Day. Unfortunately, our fathers tend to complain about the inequality of consideration between Mother's Day and Father's Day. In fact, while we are sure to find an original gift for mothers every year, we are more limited in the choice of gifts for fathers. Let's leave ties and watches aside and focus instead on a gift that goes off the beaten track, to remind our dads that they too are important to us. Here's our selection of the most original gift ideas that are sure to please.

A whisky tasting as a gift for Father's Day

Even if alcohol consumption is regulated and forbidden for people under 18, a simple tasting to learn more, and conducted by experts, is a great gift idea! Your dad can try his hand at whisky tasting, with the sole aim of discovering, in moderation, great vintages that will amaze his taste buds for a day. Whether he is a connoisseur or just a passionate person, this type of gift voucher represents an opportunity for the person concerned to perfect his knowledge of spirits. As France is known worldwide for the quality of its spirits, this is the best opportunity to discover this exceptional beverage. Set off to meet the fruit aromas and flavours that give whisky such a singular taste, it is a real journey that you are offering, thanks to this whisky tasting gift voucher. To be enjoyed without moderation!

Make way for the personalised sommelier's gift box!

Notice to whisky lovers! If your father appreciates wine more on certain occasions, you can offer him a gift that matches his wishes: a personalised sommelier's gift box. The personalisation can be a nice quote on the top or a nice message that will remind you how much you care about this devoted dad. As its name suggests, the sommelier's box is perfectly equipped: you will find a thermometer, a corkscrew, a drip stop, etc., which can be used on any occasion. To show that you care about ecology, you can also opt for a gift set made of eco-friendly materials (such as bamboo).

A barbecue gift set for Father's Day

There's nothing better to accompany your afternoons around a good barbecue than an aluminium kit designed for this purpose. For Father's Day, you can opt for this type of gift set, consisting of all kinds of knives and picks, and even barbecue maintenance utensils. You can also personalise this very light case with an inscription of your choice. Now you know what to give for Father's Day, to dads who feel like barbecue specialists!
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